Flute Sonatas

Volume 2

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Volume 2 also contains six wonderful sonatas, equally worthy of attention.

The two B minor sonatas are a little simpler, opening with beautiful, simple adagios. There are movements here reminiscent of the CPE Bach Hamburger

Sonata, and others with all the wit of the finales of the well-known concertos in G by Quantz and CPE Bach. The G minor, Eb and F major Sonatas are brilliant show pieces.

Sonata in B minor no. 267 QV 1: 169

Sonata in Eb major no. 348 QV 1: 54

Sonata in B minor no. 231 QV 1: 168

Sonata in G minor no. 336 QV 1: 126

Sonata in A major no. 351 QV 1: 143

Sonata in F major no. 356 QV 1 82

“matchless moments of true musical beauty”